Emergency and Disaster Asset Evaluation and Restoration

Our clients get quick and responsive action in emergencies with a critical three-step plan:

Stabilize.  Assess.  Restore.

Whether it’s the aftermath of natural or manmade disasters, property owners and management companies need fast action to help stabilize, assess and restore their properties.  dpM Partners’ project management team helps clients quickly and accurately project the scope of work and cost of immediate repairs to address life safety issues and get properties up and running quickly.  Then, we plan with our clients for long-term restoration efforts to protect and maximize the useful service life of a property.  We work with insurance companies, contractors and local authorities to relieve owners and property managers of the many headaches associated with disaster restoration.

From our network of some of the finest firms in the field, we can quickly assemble a team for any restoration project – contractors, structural engineers, environmental experts, or other specialty consultants.   We are a one-stop resource to get your urgent job done.